The voices of potential passengers:

‘My pal is currently stranded out in Leuchars, trying to get home to Kirkcaldy. This happens regularly. The choice when stuck there is either a £15 taxi back to St A and a hotel, or freeze exposed in the wind until 1am or later. It is ridiculous that there is no shelter. We need a St Andrews link so badly. I hate getting the train because of that leg. I often miss the bus home. If you were stranded in St Andrews at least there may be pubs open to sit in to keep warm etc. I completely dread train journeys from and to Leuchars, almost every time something goes wrong.’ - B.B., St Andrews (October 2018)

'As a supporter of re-instating the railway line to St Andrews, I cannot understand why this has not gone ahead.' - Irene Gow (September 2015)

'Have just spent an interesting few days in St Andrews. It certainly seems ludicrous that such a sizeable town, with its huge dependence on students, golfers and tourists, should have lost its rail connection. The bus interchange at Leuchars is quite well organised, but still involves crossing a very exposed footbridge. Some sort of direct rail service from both Edinburgh and Dundee is certainly desirable.’ - Alan Findlay, Dores, Inverness (February 2013)

‘During our recent visit to St Andrews from the States we were surprised by the traffic and congestion in the area – it was up to the American level. There were no rail options available to us.’ - Dr Susan Slater, Chicago, Illinois (December 2012)

‘Vital link for St Andrews tourist industry … the train link would be more convenient for many people who visit or work in St Andrews; [the interchange at] Leuchars frankly just doesn’t work.’ - Moreen Anderson, Melbourne (formerly St Andrews) (April 2011)

‘Good luck with your fight for a rail line into St Andrews. It can’t come soon enough.’ - A.L., Mid Scotland & Fife (March 2011)

‘As far as I can see, it wouldn’t be too difficult to re-open the line between Leuchars and St Andrews … the actual layout of it, I would think best suited to a branch in the Seggiehill area, through the fields, across the main Dairsie-Guardbridge road (using a bridge or tunnel), heading south east behind the extremities of Guardbridge, then heading east up to St Andrews. I think a halt where the rugby pitches are beside the Old Course Hotel would keep everyone happy!’ - Trackside worker at Leuchars, Network Rail (November 2009)

‘In the mid-1980s it was said that the case for re-opening St Andrews was stronger than that for Bathgate.’ - former B.R. employee, Dunfermline (November 2009)

‘Bring back the railway line.’ - Judy Gillespie, St Andrews (letter to the St Andrews Citizen, January 2009)
‘As a former University of St Andrews student I completely agree with the need for a rail link.’ - David M. Kinnen, Coventry (August 2008)
‘I commend you on all the work and time you are spending on trying to bring a rail-line back to St Andrews. How short-sighted were they to discontinue it in the first place! I am looking to retire to Scotland. I have been to St Andrews and would like to retire there. However, without a rail-link, it is not as advantageous for an older citizen to travel, especially to Edinburgh. I do not relish sitting at the bus station in Leuchars when the East wind blows off the North Sea in winter!’ - Kurt Rosenberg, Portland, Oregon (August 2008)
‘I agree that this rail link should be re-instated; as a visitor to the town for many years, it would be easier to transfer luggage from one train to another instead of having to haul it over the bridge to the taxi or bus ranks … visitors (tourists) are the ones who bring the wealth into the area, therefore a direct link to the town would be beneficial to everybody plus making it easier to access the town.’ - I.C. (July 2008)
‘I have never understood why St Andrews let its railway go so easily.’ - former B.R. employee, Helensburgh (July 2008)
‘I’m an Edinburgh resident and I was shocked to find there is no train station in St Andrews. I wish your campaign every success.’ - Kirsten Hey, Edinburgh (June 2008)