'Rail service for St Andrews is closer' - Citizen

The St Andrews Citizen covered the resumption of the appraisal, listing the Transport Planning Objectives (TPOs) to be used to score the options in the Detailed Options Appraisal.

The three options, Heavy Rail comprising services from St Andrews to Edinburgh and to Dundee, Light Rapid Transit to Leuchars railway station and a dedicated connecting bus service will be assessed against (1) reducing the distance travelled by cars to and from St Andrews without reducing visitor numbers by 10% by 2030; (2) increasing the size of the labour market that can access St Andrews within 60 minutes using more sustainable modes of transport by 15% by 2030, and (3) reducing journey times by more sustainable modes for St Andrews residents to regional and national centres and transport hubs including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Airport, Dundee, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy by 20% by 2030.